Makita 5007F reviews

Tasks around your house or workshop require the best circular saw on the market so that you can complete them fast, and without tiring. So, how do you find a saw that will offer performance, durability and ergonomics? Well, the Makita 5007F has been identified to offer these qualities and more after circular saw reviews were conducted. Here is a look at some of the discoveries that were made on the tool.


It features a 15.0-AMP motor that is capable of 5,800 revolutions per minute. The saw is, therefore, ideal for both professional and light tasks. A sturdy aluminum base allows you to make straight cuts on your working surface, while an intuitive fan keeps the motor cool at all times, which allows you to keep working for long. One outstanding feature that makes it the best circular saw on the market is its ability to cut through 2-3/8 inch material at 90 degrees and 1-3/4 inch material at 45 degrees. A dust blower is further incorporated in the saw to clear off dust while you are working, leading to enhanced precision.


Due to the aluminum that is wrapped around the base, the Makita 5007F can withstand drops of up-to 30 feet, rugged tasks, moisture and water. Its sturdiness is then enhanced by its all-ball bearing structure. It is for this reason that the manufacturer has offered a 1 year warranty on their creation, which is a signal of their confidence on its sturdiness.


You can now work in poorly lit surfaces and after dark due to the incorporation of 2 LED lights that will illuminate your working area. This is in addition to its enhanced handle design and light weight, which make it usable for long hours without tiring. Its legible markings allow you to discern markings on bevel scales and depth and in-built braking system keeps you working at a pace that is most desirable to you.


Unlike other circular saws on the market that jump around when changing blades, this saw is designed with a flat motor housing to keep it stable during this process. You can also switch between the AC and DC power sources, which allow you to use the Makita 5007 F indoors and outdoors. In conclusion masons, siding contractors, builders and homeowners will find delight in the saw’s power, accuracy and balance, which have been identified by circular saw reviews as the most sought after features when searching for these types of tools.

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