All about Drill press

A drill press can be very useful in your arsenal. It is a very useful tool if you need it. Having a drill press that does not that a lot of room and that is very precise and easy to use; it can be a life saver. You would save up room, money, and time. The drill press, Shop Fox W1668, and Jet JDP-12 are both great press drills. Of course one is better and more expensive that the other but you can look at both of them and see which one suit you well.

The Jet JDP-12 is a great tool. It features a compact bench top design and this is great because it allows you to move it from place to place very easily. It also has an LED work light and this will allow you to have better visibility while you work. This is compact with power and speed because the speed drill press is very powerful and it will allow you to take on big jobs and as I said, it is portable and you can go with it anywhere you want. The main tool offers a 1/3 horsepower motor, 110 volts, a 530-3,100 rpm and it can take anything you throw at it.

The beautiful Shop Fox W1668 it is on a different level, in specs and performance. It is packed with a HP, 1,725 rpm, 110V motor. The overall height of this product is 38 inches. The overall drill is packed with a lot of speed and power. This is made for heavier use, with a ?inch drilling capacity in steel and also a dust collection port which will allow you to do bigger jobs and less mess. The main and great feature of this product is the standing capability. If you would like you can either use it for staying down jobs or for standing up, and it is a great feature. If it helps you, you are also able to move the table out of the base, and use the drill press base as a table for drilling or sanding.

The Shop Fox W1668, and Jet JDP-12 are both great press drills. Both of them are really good and have a great quality that will serve you well. You shouldn’t get the most expensive or the best one. You should choose the one that fits your needs best. Study and read carefully through the review and then come to a conclusion which one is the best for you

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